The technology age is great. It has lead to amazing improvements in quality of life and ease of communication that can't even be measured. But one negative is that most of the images of your pet live in your cell phone. When was the last time you printed images? And better yet - when was the last time you had anything professionally printed?

Well don't stress - that is exactly why we are here. We provide a one-stop-shop, full-service photography experience and will guide you through the entire process. There is a lot that goes on between planning and printing and we are experts at it all!  

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the end result

All of our albums will look stunning on the coffee table or displayed on a bookshelf.  But our goal is more than just pretty pictures in pretty books.  We strive to provide lasting, high-quality artwork that will not only stand the test of time, but will bring joy and sweet memories every time it is passed around.  Entrusting us to artistically photograph and display your pets' image is a big deal to us - and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

i mean, we do - we are total geeks about that stuff... but we get that you aren't and don't plan to be! 

after all, who wants to learn all the boring stuff like ratios, printing paper, and the different types of bindings anyhow? 

a book of your pet is just what the Vet ordered!

why albums?

Albums provide a purr-fect way to remember your pet - their goofy moments, the first year of their life, or their last precious days. All our albums are printed on archival quality paper so they will be sure to last for generations! They also all come with protective boxes or covers that help keep the images dust-free.

We believe that all pets are unique in their own way, and their album should reflect that. So we have several types of albums and endless amounts of customization within each option! You simply choose the amount of images you would like in your album, and the type of album you want. We design the album together during your ordering appointment, finalize any edits, and order the album later that week. Then it's just a matter of waiting by the door with waggy tails till the mail man arrives! 

want more flexibility than an album?  check out our folio boxes!

First of all, what IS a "folio box"?  A folio box is simply a container for printed images.  Our folios are hand-crafted wooden boxes covered in soft-touch Italian leather (and that means made in Italy as well) that protect, store, and showcase your matted and mounted works of art.  The lid is held on via hidden magnets in the corners and has a window feature in order to highlight your favourite image.

Folios can contain matted or mounted images - or a mixture of both!  We are currently obsessed with printing on super glossy metallics which perfectly match our style of over-the-top punchy colors and deep, rich tones.  We also offer printing on lustre or matte style papers if that is more your fit.

Our folios also offer flexibility for each individual piece of art. You can choose to display the images throughout your home, or keep them safe and protected within the box. Each folio also comes with a clear acrylic stand to show off one of your images on the table, counter, or desktop.

we have all been there - and dont worry, your mom will gush over her grandkitty's mounted metallic image as if it was actually meant for her!

Folios also provide an excellent way to gift prints when you completely forgot to get a gift in the first place!

folio boxes offer flexibility and customization

why folio boxes?

thinking of artwork for above the mantel? check out our wall art options!

Whether you just moved into a brand new house or have been in the same home for years, I bet there is at least one wall that has remained bare for the simple reason that you don't know exactly how to fill the space.  Cue Fab Fur's wall galleries.  We offer pre-sized groupings as well as custom galleries to fit any space in your home.  Our wall art comes in brilliant metals or classic canvas wraps.

Our canvas wraps are custom built to allow for a unique collection of art. They are printed on beautiful pearl photographic paper that provides a glossy depth of image that will take your breath away! The image is wrapped around a 1.5" stretcher frame and they are completely finished on the back with black paper, bumpers, and a tooth hanger that allows the print to hang flat against the wall.

Our metals are perfect for a bright and edgy style that will showcase your art while creating brilliant color that pops! Metals are also available in custom sizes and come with an inset frame and wire hanger that allows it to “float” about an inch and a half off the wall. Their striking and vibrant colors highlight your art in a punchy and dynamic way.

metals offer tack-sharp images in a high gloss, modern style whereas canvases present your pets portrait in a refined and classy way with a tactile feel

So I am sold on wall art but what is the main difference between metals and canvases?


why wall art?

Want to see some before and afters of our photo enhancement process?

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